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Have a Travel Free Day

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Do you really need to travel?

Before taking that next flight for a meeting, ask yourself if all the stress, costs and negative environmental impacts of traveling can be replaced with a simple conversation over the phone or video conferencing.

With conferencing tools becoming more sophisticated and complete, avoiding travel has become an easy and affordable choice, no matter the size of your business.

So, roll-up those sleeves and organize a travel free day at your office!

It's easy to get buy-in from your colleagues since this is an all-round positive initiative for very simple reasons:
  • it helps save money
  • all you need is everyone's good will, nothing else
  • More and more businesses are doing it
  • it avoids climate change, thus saving the planet


"Globally, aviation accounts for approximately 4 to 9 per cent of the climate change impact of human activity."

Have a Climate Care Day!

Climate Care Day is an initiative created by Arkadin Global Conferencing and supported by WWF which aims exactly for that: to provide businesses with a way to save costs while taking a stand against climate change.

The concept is easy: a working day without travel.

The difference is that if you are a customer of Arkadin's services, besides not polluting you'll also be donating to WWF's projects around the world.

It works like this:
  • On any nominated day, an Arkadin customer can choose to arrange a Climate Care Day.
  • On this one day, all you have to do is replace any business travel with a virtual audio & web conference call through Arkadin services
  • Arkadin will donate all billed revenue from that day directly to a number of WWF climate change prevention schemes
WWF International Director General James Leape talks about how Climate Care Day can help fight climate change.

Why should you organise a Climate Care Day?

First of all, this is one of those rare win-win situations:
  • Your company has a role to play in reducing carbon emissions
  • Your company needs to reduce travel expenses and save time
A Climate Care Day will help businesses to do all of this by reducing travel costs, saving time and cutting carbon emissions.

But above all, we believe that small shifts in business behaviour can have a great positive impact on our lives and the world around us.

Travelling Light

A WWF-UK’s report examined travel policies in 100 top British companies and revelead that:

  • 62% are reducing their travel footprint
  • 89% expect they will want to fly less over the next 10 years
  • 85% say that videoconferencing can help them reduce their flying
  • More about the report

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