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Can a single Euro really make you sleep better? rel=
Ethiopian Wolf (Canis simensis) sleeping & covered by early morning frost, Ethiopia.
© WWF / Martin Harvey

Give it a try....

WWF and The Leading Hotels of the World have developed an easy yet impactful way for you to help WWF save nature.

You and every guest staying at a hotel participating in Check Out For Nature have the opportunity to make a real difference for our planet.

It's Simple

Participating Hotels will add a Euro (or its equivalent value) to your hotel bill when you check out at the end of your stay.

This one Euro, when added to all the other deep-sleepers who donated, will have a dramatic beneficial impact on WWF's ability to successfully follow through and build upon the some 1,200 conservation projects around the world.

When you stay at one of these amazing hotels, and would like to sleep more soundly, then check it out when you check in.

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	© WWF / John COBB
Her Majesty Queen Noor of Jordan is a founding member and patron of The Living Planet Club.
© WWF / John COBB

...a simple yet innovative way for you to help protect our environment...

Queen Noor of Jordan speaks in support of Check Out for Nature

  • Jebel Ali Hotel and Golf Resort, Dubai 
	© The Leading Hotels of the World
    Together we are finding long-term solutions to benefit both people and nature.
	© The Leading Hotels of the World
    Check Out For Nature and rest assured that you are helping WWF find solutions for a living planet.

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