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Plaice or Sole Fillet

Plaice dish
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One for you, one dumped dead in the sea

Fished for centuries for their delicately flavoured white flesh, plaice and sole are the most important flatfish in European fisheries.

Unfortunately though, most catches come from Europe’s single-most wasteful fishery - where more than half the plaice catch is thrown overboard, dead. A huge amount of other marine life hauled up in the nets is also dumped back in the sea.
The issue
The issue


The best plaice and sole choice is that caught from the Irish Sea, where bycatch of juvenile plaice and cod is lower than in other plaice and sole fisheries. In addition, the Irish Sea plaice fishery is currently the only one considered by ICES to be harvested sustainably.

Ideally, choose plaice and sole that are line caught, and that are larger than 27cm and 24cm, respectively.

If the origin of the plaice or sole is uncertain, other alternatives are a different species of flatfish such as MSC-certified halibut, or a similarly flavoured whitefish such as MSC-certified pollock, hake, hoki, Pacific cod, sablefish, or mackerel icefish.

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