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Cod (Gadus morhua)

A Cod species, Gadus morhua, feeding on krill near an active ROV vehicle at 400m depth in the North East Atlantic Ocean. SERPENT Project, ROV captured image
Scientific name: Gadus morhua

Local names: Atlantic cod, bacalao, cabillaud, Dorsch, kabeljau, kabeljauw, morue, skrei, treska, torsk, turska

Main markets: Western Europe accounts for 70–80% of the world cod market, with the UK being Europe’s largest importer and consumer. Cod, together with the similar whitefish pollock and hake, accounts for one-third of all seafood imports into the EU.

Main commercial products: Fresh, chilled, or frozen whole fish; fresh, chilled, frozen, salted, dried, or smoked fillets; frozen processed fillets (e.g., fish sticks, ready made dinners); salted cheeks; liver oil; smoked or frozen roe

Fishing grounds: Throughout the species’ range in the North Atlantic Ocean

European fleets*: Norway, Iceland, Russia, Faeroe Islands, Denmark, Spain, UK, Germany, Poland, Sweden, France, Portugal, Latvia, Lithuania, Belgium, Netherlands, Estonia, Ireland, Finland, Isle of Man, Channel Islands

* in order of landings in 2004, largest to smallest; countries in bold accounted for 77% of the total catch.

Fishing methods: Primarily bottom otter trawls and midwater trawls; also handlines, cod traps, gillnets, longlines, Danish seines, purse seines, twin beam trawls, shrimp trawls, jiggers, and pound nets
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