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Your paper saving tips

Since we launched our campaign in 2008 we've received some great paper saving tips from around the world. Here are just some of them....

Your tips on paper efficient note-taking

Use notebooks till the end. Reuse empty pages.
Alex (Israel) 

Make note pads by stapling or gluing small decks of cut sheets.
Herenia (Mexico) 

Reuse paper that has been used only on one side for note paper (phone messages, to-do lists etc).
Mat (Australia); Sudeshna; Gottfried (Germany); Lara (Canada); Raadhika (India); Jo (UK) 

Use the white space on paper that has already been printed on for quick note-taking (phone numbers etc.) instead of notepads; Use other side for notes.
Elizabeth (USA); Renelle (India); Ginger 

Use erasable board (e.g. white board) for temporary notes and messages. 
Liliya (Ukraine) 

Make your own notebook out of leftover paper/ paper from office recycling bin – design your own cover.
Susanna (India); Pontus (Sweden); Irina (Moldova) 

Use the other side of printed documents for children's drawing paper.
Judith (Hungary); Liwanag (Philippines) 

Use an A4 sized white board and if the notes are important, scan an image of the whiteboard to a computer.
Jade (Canada) 

Use single-side printed receipts from shops as note/memo papers. This also encourages effective use of space/small writing.
Zhi (Malaysia) 

Memos or reminders could be recorded on a cell phone or recorder instead of writing it down; On a cell phone you can write a reminder or directions on a text and save it in the draft file to look at it later when you need it. Then you can delete it. 

Your tips on efficient tissue use

Design smaller paper handkerchiefs for restaurants, cafes (as seen in Korea). Most time a normal size paper handkerchief is too big for a restaurant customer, further, it is too big for cafe or ice cream shop customers.
Xuemei (Korea) 

Minimize the usage of tissue papers in wash rooms at work places.
Bhanu (India) 

Reduce the use of tissue papers in the company. Encourage people to use handkerchiefs/towels.

Sreejith (India) 

Limit the use of paper napkins: having breakfast and dinner at home means wasting two paper napkin a day for each member of the family; while a good old fabric napkin could last one week before being thrown in the laundry!
Antonella (Italy)

Your tips for effective use of computers

Use on-line bill services like Canada Post's Epost to save paper simplifies both storage and bookkeeping. 
Joey (Canada) 

Send e-cards rather than paper cards. There are lots of e-card sites to choose from, plenty of charity options, and you can pay for high quality, animated cards with music

Emma (UK)

Change of the default setting from print: all pages to print: 'selection' or 'current page' (the smaller of them). Unfortunately, it seems that this default setting is fixed by factory – Urge Microsoft and the developers of Office etc. to change the default settings or making them accessible in the user definable options.
Miguel (Italy) 

Convince universities and colleges to conduct examinations on computers because a lot of paper is wasted and is not recycled due to these examinations and these examination papers are still lying there for no use and it is waste of space and paper.
Bhupesh (India)
Purchase PDF books

Read news online.
Deepak, Bhupesh (India); Aftab (India) 

Encourage shops to send e-brochures about shop-sales instead of paper flyers .
Zoe, (Malaysia) 

Print more than one page to a side of paper.
John (UK) 

Since I'm a photographer, my clients need contact sheets (little thumbnails of the shoot on paper). Instead I keep them digital and include them on the CD I burn for them. Also my quotes and invoices are all digital. I don't print them unless it is absolutely needed.

Print documents only if required otherwise save a copy on your hard
drive rather than making a hard copy for future reference. 
Thinlay (Bhutan)

On any electronic communication, e-mailing, we always attach a bottom-line message which reads in bold green type: “1. Help to save the environment. Do not print unless it is absolutely necessary. 2. Plant more trees. Help the nation grow green. 3. Environment is everyone’s responsibility. Help save paper. Help save the globe.”
Shashank (Kenya) 

Replace the tonnes of paper used by government with e-papers. For example, filling up forms in govt. offices like post offices, RTO offices, Banks, etc.
Surya (India) 

Encourage your company to store data/letters etc on a common folder, instead of a box file. Documents that are received by post can be scanned and kept in this common folders, instead of giving copies to all concerned persons.
Sreejith (India) 

Train people to use their printer / photocopier duplex / many pages per sheet! Print in draft quality by default, it's usually good enough. Use ecofont, less ink means easier to recycle paper Use smaller character size, e.g. Arial 8, can save up to 20% of paper on a single document when compared to Arial 10. Ban blank pages in documents (usually done for presentation purposes) -Ban automatic jump to new page (e.g. in MS Word, some default header styles are set to automatically start a new page. It's very easy to remove this setting) – Set business templates to be compact (small character size, ecofont, no page jumps...) – If you build software with reporting capability, make those reports compact: your customers want to save paper too!
Clara (UK) 

Your tips for avoiding unnecessary paper use

Do not pick up free newspaper or advertisement flyers.
Katarzyna (Poland) 

Cancel newspaper subscriptions.
Rene (Netherlands) 

Register with the Mailing Preference Service to stop companies sending junk mail to your home address. Do it online for the UK on
Coralie, UK 

Carry your own water bottle and ceramic cups to your work areas or institutes to lessen the use of paper cups for water or coffee.

Include less pictures on catalogs and advertisements.
Janet (US) 

Banks should make printing bank slips an optional extra when drawing money from ATM's. Receipts in the supermarket should also be an optional.
Bridget (South Africa) 

WWF should only send newsletters by e-mail to members who have access to the internet and stop regular postal delivery of the newsletter.
Anne (USA) 

Your tips for reusing paper

Re-use envelopes.
Frances (UK); Shashank (Kenya); Joy 

Use selections from the free colour brochures for advertising as wrapping paper. I paint small cardboard boxes some cheese comes in to pack home made chocolates as presents.
Diana (Malta) 

More recycling in shopping centers e.g. paper cups, KFC food wrapping or pizza hut cartons.
Fer (Ecuador) 

Example from Romania: An NGO collects used paper through collecting agreements and sells it to paper recycling companies. The money is used to replant trees in a few cities in Romania.
Semra (Romania) 

I print about 90 % on the reverse side of advertising letters, only outgoing letters are printed on 'new' recycled paper.
Thomas (Germany) 

Make recycled "hallmark" cards from used paper.
Paola (Puerto Rico)

Thank you!

Thanks for all the great ideas you have submitted! Please continue to send us your tips to


"Paper is too valuable to waste


"Make paper much more expensive so it will be treated as something valuable.


Rene (Netherlands)