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Measure your impact

Understand how the way you live impacts our planet!

Local footprint calculators

Some WWF offices have developed specific footprint tools for individual countries.

These local Footprint calculators are currently available for:
Still from the UAE Eco Footprint Animation
  • The Ecological Footprint is an indicator of human pressure on nature. 
  • Humanity is currently using the renewable resources of 1.5 Earths to meet our yearly demands for energy, food, shelter, and the things we do and buy.
  • People living in richer, more developed countries generally have a higher Footprint than those living in less developed countries.  

 Calculating the Footprint

Figure 15: Every human activity uses biologically productive land and/or fishing grounds The Ecological Footprint is the sum of this area, regardless of where it is located on the planet. LPR2010
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