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23-26 January in Davos, Switzerland

WWF at World Economic Forum

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As world leaders gather in Davos from January 23-26, 2018 to discuss how to better shape our future through strengthened cooperation, it’s time to come together to prevent the health of our planet from failing. This is not ‘doom and gloom’, the risk is real.

- Marco Lambertini, Director General, WWF-International

World Economic Forum 2018

The World Economic Forum is taking place on 23-26 January in Davos, Switzerland.

Every year, political and business leaders come together to improve the state of the world and shape a better future. 

The theme of this year’s conference is Creating a Shared Future in a Fractured World. Sessions will cover topics such as free trade, universal human rights, free movement of people, the environment, big ideas, and technology.

WWF is participating in Davos to highlight the value of biodiversity for people, businesses and economies; build alignment and collaboration among agriculture, land use, health and environment agendas for food systems transformation; and ensure we are taking urgent action to improve ocean health. 


We know that WWF alone can’t solve the world’s environmental issues. That’s why we’re participating at the World Economic Forum. The changes we want to see in the world can only come about through the efforts of many actors, including multinational corporations, governments, NGOs, finance institutions, development agencies, and thought leaders.

Together with partners, we need to influence others, to scale up solutions and to convene big partnerships – catalyzing transformational change on a global scale. And that includes galvanizing a global community that is more aware than ever before of the threats to the environment and our planet, our home.

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