Top 5 environmental questions

Answers to the questions that we all have...

...but that no-one ever seems to address.
Being green went mainstream a while back.

Environmental terms such as carbon emissions or deforestation and global warming are now common parlance on websites, on TV, on the radio and in printed media around the world.

Wherever we look, there is an opinion, an article, a documentary... something that that adresses the problems we face on the planet that we wholly depend upon.

But this flood of information often raises more questions than they answer. 

The words, images and videos make assumptions about our knowledge, often washing over basic questions that pop into our heads as we digest the plethora of information.

Often it is the fundamental   "Why"   "What"   "How"   questions that are pasted over, and flawed assumptions made about our knowledge...

So at the base of it all, what is it all about?

Do not despair!

WWF has taken time out to answer the top 5 questions about some of the big cross-cutting environmental issues we face today.

Read them, link to them, pass them on and help us spread the knowledge on...

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