Blessing of the Ocean, Balinese New Year, Bali, Indonesia. rel=
Blessing of the Ocean, Balinese New Year, Bali, Indonesia.
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What & Where?
Bali is a tropical island in the Indonesian archipelago, the largest archipelago in the world with over 18,000 islands. Bali is located to the east of Java and west of Lombok.

Bali’s scenery is extraordinarily picturesque and immaculate. The island boasts numerous dormant volcanoes, crater lakes, rivers, tropical rainforests and white sand beaches. The volcanic cone of Gunung Batur and the lake that fills half of the surrounding caldera form one of Bali's most spectacular landscapes.

Bali hosts an array of exotic fauna and flora, including the only remaining population of wild Bali Mynahs, a striking white bird with a flash of blue around the eyes and black tipped wings and tail.

Mammals include leopard cat, palm civet, crab-eating macaque, deer, the Indian muntjac, Malayan pangolin, Malayan porcupine, and banteng (a cattle species). Reptiles include the hawksbill marine turtle, the monitor lizard, the python and mabouya. Along with bamboo, acacia and palms, Bali also provides fertile ground for the Banyan tree, which is featured on the Indonesian coat of arms.

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