10 species that may have just escaped extinction

Przewalski's horse or Takhi, (<i>Equus ferus przewalski</i>)  rel=
Przewalski's horse or Takhi, (Equus ferus przewalski) is the only true wild horse left in the world.
© WWF / Hartmut JUNGIUS
Habitat loss, hunting and poaching, toxics and other man made interventions have at some point pushed all of the following species to the brink of extinction.
In some cases species have even been declared extinct in the wild!

But the good news is that human intervention has also saved these species. Protection of habitat, effective control of hunting and captive breeding programmes have all played their part in these dramatic rescues.

Whilst in many cases there is still much to do to assure the future security of these species, many are now safely on the road to recovery.

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