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Gyps Vulture Restoration

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Asia/Pacific > Southern Asia > Pakistan

White-backed vulture placed with coloured and metal rings for identification, Pakistan.
© WWF Pakistan / Uzma Khan


WWF Pakistan is the lead organisation involved in the implementation of the Gyps vulture or Oriental white-backed vulture restoration. The project aims to set up the captive breeding facility of Gyps vultures in partnership with the Punjab Wildlife Department. Build capacity of the local department in vulture conservation. The project will also monitor the remaining wild populations and lobby for the Diclofenac free environment.


- Establish an international standard captive breeding facility for the Oriental white-backed vulture (Gyps bengalensis).

- Engage international raptor experts who have expertise of breeding and releasing birds of prey, old world vultures in particular.

- Coordinate the in-situ conservation activities in partnership with the custodian government departments and liaise with various organizations to carry out monitoring of Gyps vultures in Pakistan.

- Overall manage the facility and staff.

- Directly manage all grants.

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