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Xeric basin ecosystems

Little permanent surface water and a relative abundance of springs characterize ecoregions in this major habitat type. Extraordinary freshwater biodiversity in desert regions occurs in the Chihuahuan, Anatolian, and Central Australian freshwater ecoregions1).
The Cuatro Ciénegas spring and pool complex in the Chihuahuan Desert is unique in its high richness, extreme endemism, and unusual evolutionary adaptations2). As well, rivers in the Anatolian region of Turkey support many endemic species adapted to these waters3).

In this habitat are the following ecoregions:

(193) Central Australian Freshwater

(194) Chihuahuan Freshwater

(195) Anatolian Freshwater

1) Hocutt & Wiley 1986, Balik 1995, Abell et al. 2000
2) Contreras-Balderas 1978ab, Hocutt & Wiley 1986
3) Balik 1995

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