Aquaculture problems: Competition for space

Aquaculture is in direct competition with natural marine habitats for space.

 / ©: WWF
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Fish farms often need the shelter of bays and estuaries to avoid damage from storms and currents, so there are a limited number of suitable locations where farms can be established. In addition, farmed fish need good water quality, frequent water exchange, and other optimal environmental conditions.

Unfortunately, these locations are also very often ideal for wild fish and other marine life.

Both terrestrial and aquatic wildlife can lose their habitats through the building and operating of aquaculture facilities and accompanying infrastructure. For example, some European fish farms have been placed in the migratory routes of wild salmon, while in Asia and Latin America, mangrove forests have been cleared to make space for shrimp farms.
 / ©: WWF Madagascar / WWF-Canon
Aerial view of shrimp farms surrounded by mangrove forests, Madagascar.
© WWF Madagascar / WWF-Canon
Mangrove forests have been cleared for shrimp farms in some parts of the world.

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