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Why variety in nature is so vital

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Did you know that millions of species currently share our one planet?

Well, this huge variety of life, and places where they live, is called ‘biodiversity’.

And biodiversity is vital for people and the rest of nature.

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Almost every species – and humans are no exception – relies on other species to survive and thrive.

And if one part of this chain of life fails, which is happening more and more, it weakens all the other links. Nature copes better where there is lots of diversity.

Nature provides a safety net

To put it another way, try thinking of each species being like a single thread. The more threads that link together, the stronger the net.

And the ‘threads’ matter to people as much as any other species.

Together, they make a global safety net – providing us with essentials like food, drinking water, clean air, medicines, and shelter.
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The safety net may fail

Unfortunately, people have been unpicking the safety net for decades.

Forests flattened to make way for farming. Fish netted until their numbers collapse. Wetlands bulldozed so that floods wreak havoc.

And yet, unlike climate change, we lack the global political will to stop the downward spiral in species and the places where they live.

Let’s pull together

There is much to fear about our future right now. But there is also an opportunity for every one of us to shape what happens next.  

If we choose to do nothing, we risk leaving future generations without hope. But if we choose to do our best for people and planet, there can be no regrets.

If we all pull together for people and nature, anything is possible.

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