ICT solutions that can help to reduce CO2 emissions

Together WWF and HP have designed and launched an innovative private sector NGO partnership. This partnership builds on core business competencies and objectives and leverages the power of advanced conservation and information technologies to reduce CO2 emissions.
Internally at HP, the Sustainable Innovation Zone, SIZ, was launched in September 2007 for employees to submit ideas and suggestions on how information and communication technologies (ICT) services can help customers to reduce CO2 emissions in new innovative ways.

The internal page has three key messages:
1. Shift from risk to profit when approaching climate change
2. Shift from reactive to proactive when engaging with policy makers
3. Shift from an internal/product perspective to an external/service perspective when developing solutions

The intention is to expand the zone for 2008 and include HP’s customer base to match services needed with climate solutions by HP.

In parallel with the Sustainable Innovation Zone, the first billion tonnes of CO2 reductions using ICT solutions are also being mapped by the WWF. This will result in a report that provides a roadmap showing how companies, individuals and government can use innovative ICT solutions that can contribute to the reduction of the first one billion tonnes of CO2. WWF hope to take this forward and focus on concrete projects, e.g. work with a limited number of cities that can implement innovative ICT solutions and move beyond one billion tonnes of CO2 reductions.

Alongside the report, a paper on how the ICT sector can take the lead in moving from an agenda of risk to profit in relation to climate change solutions will be published.

A paper that explores the possibilities of introducing an offset scheme for conference travels and meetings that use the income to support increased use of virtual meetings will also be published.
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Download the white paper: From ”Green IT ” to ”Greening with IT ” in 2009 (Web version) PDF 1.8 MB
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Smart ICT / ©: Dennis Pamlin
Download the document: The world’s first global market survey on low carbon IT: (Web version) PDF 2.4 MB
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Download the report Virtual meetings and Climate Innovation in the 21st Century PDF 2.8 MB
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Download the report Becoming a winner n a low-carbon economy PDF 2.3 MB
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