Policy Works! WWF Annual Review 2011

Posted on 05 April 2012
WWF EPO anual review 2011
WWF EPO anual review 2011
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“Policy Works” explains what political advocacy is capable of achieving in a major political centre like Brussels at the heart of the European Union.

The WWF network realised in the 1980s the importance of the environmental law making that goes on in Brussels and the need to influence the processes at the earliest stages. That was why the EPO was created in 1989. The result has been a continuous investment by the WWF network in shaping an impressive body of EU rules and regulations over this period and creating the conditions for EU environmental policy leadership with a global significance.

Now looking forward to the next 20 years, what can we learn from this experience in Brussels that can be used to guide WWF policy activities in other parts of the world? This EPO annual review for 2011 doesn’t have all the answers. It is a snapshot of one year of WWF policy activities in Brussels, in Europe and sometimes where we acted globally. Hopefully it might stimulate some fresh thinking of what greater achievements could be possible through greater policy collaboration in the WWF network around the world.

Tony Long
Director, WWF European Policy Office
WWF EPO anual review 2011
WWF EPO anual review 2011
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