Survey: French people want a greener Europe

Posted on 09 May 2014  | 
French Alps in the Savoie, France
© Michèle Depraz/WWFEnlarge
Two weeks ahead of the European elections, WWF France presents the results of a survey showing that a majority of French people are in favour and see environmental protection and renewable energy as a priority for France and Europe. 

The survey is part of WWF's campaign asking candidates for the European elections to pledge for the environment.

Key findings of the survey:

  • 57% - the percentage of French people who would like to see the European Union take greater steps to protect the environment. Conversely, only 5% believe that the EU should do less;
  • 75% of French people consider that it “should be a priority” to establish a European development model that will protect natural resources in Europe and around the world;
  • 90% of the French population say they are in favour of developing an energy mix based on renewable energy and energy efficiency (41% “completely” agree with this idea);
  • Over three-quarters of the French population (77%) think that Europe-wide energy transition and environmental conservation can be factors in economic growth and job creation;
  • Lastly, 55% of French people think energy transition and environmental conservation should be an important issue in the European elections.
French Alps in the Savoie, France
© Michèle Depraz/WWF Enlarge

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