Coastal East Africa Initiative 2013 Newsletter

Posted on 23 April 2014    
Coastal East Africa Initiative Newsletter 2013
© John Kabubu
2013 was a good year for us in trying to meet the conservation challenges that abound through out Coastal East Africa.

This year has seen us make strides in protecting the meagre natural resources that over 20 million people in Coastal East Africa are dependent on. We have seen the emergence and growth of Green Economy in Mozambique to the point where plans are at an advanced stage to actualize it.

We have also witnessed great strides in fisheries related reforms in a region where fisheries bodies and CSO’s are increasingly taking up their rightful place in the global dialogue of fisheries related issues.

WWF Coastal East Africa Global Initiative continues to implement initiatives to help bridge the gap present between humans and nature in the region. This publication points some of the highlights of developments throughout the year 2013.

We continue to strive hard to find new pathways to conserve the few resources left in Coastal East Africa with partners from various walks of life, taking steps towards a greener future for the Coastal East Africa countries.

This newsletter is a compilation of our conservation achievements throughout the year 2013. Please read and enjoy.

Peter Scheren
Coastal East Africa Initiative Leader

Coastal East Africa Initiative Newsletter 2013
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