WWF Briefing paper: Re-energising Europe – The case for post-2020 renewable energy targets and support

Posted on 12 March 2013  | 
Given the current economic turbulence in the EU, policy makers are understandably focused on the need to ensure that European businesses remain globally competitive.

Since 1990 the EU has become increasingly exposed to the structurally rising cost of energy, and the related drag on competitiveness, due to a growing dependence on energy imports.

However, the adoption of the “20-20-20” targets and measures on energy efficiency, renewable energy, and greenhouse gas cuts, this briefing paper argues, are expected to first stabilise, and then reduce fossil fuel imports to the EU.

This trend will continue and accelerate, saving the Union hundreds of billions of euros a year, if domestic sources of energy are maximised. To meet decarbonisation targets, these sources must be renewable.
Based on recent research by ECOFYS for WWF, by 2030, the EU could be generating more than 40% of its energy from renewable sources
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