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WWF in multi-year deal with Global Warming Images

The WWF Global Photo Network (GPN) has concluded a multi-year deal with that will see the award-winning environmental photographer
Ashley Cooper providing the current library of photographs to WWF as well as
undertaking specific commissions during the next three years.

WWF International Managing Photo Editor Paul Sunters says the deal will benefit both
parties significantly. “We are delighted because as we increase our work in climate
change and energy, so we have a need for quality photographs that best reflect not only
the devastating impact climate change is having in our environment but the solutions too
- which are essential for us to show our audiences that there is hope too.”

Samantha Smith, leader of the WWF’s Global Climate & Energy Initiative says it is time
to challenge conventional thinking on what makes up climate change imagery. “We were
impressed by his library of photographs that aptly illustrate the issues that contribute
significantly to climate change. Through the commissions, we hope to be able to start
redefining the imagery of climate change to make the subject even more pertinent in
todays’ multi-media world.”

Cooper has been documenting the impacts of climate change for the last ten years. His
travels have taken him all around the world, capturing graphic images at the front line of
climate change. He has put together a significant collection of climate change images,
all of which can be viewed at his agency site His photo
shoots have covered such topics as glacial retreat, permafrost melt, water resource
issues, drought, forest fires, sea level rise, adaptation, climate criminals, renewable
energy, mitigation, protest, food security and many more.

“I have seen the devastation that climate change is already wreaking around the planet,
what I have seen truly scares me. Without rapid and radical action, life for millions
will become extremely difficult. That is why I am delighted to be sponsored by WWF
International, who is doing so much to tackle climate change. Together we can help
raise awareness of the most crucial issue ever to confront mankind,” says Cooper.

In 2010, Cooper won the climate change category of the worldwide Environmental
Photographer of the Year Competition.

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