Climate change impacts in Vietnam

Climate change impacts in Veitnam - what the IPCC 4th Assessment Report has found:
  • Observed changes in extreme events and severe climate anomalies: Increased occurrence of extreme rains causing flash floods [10.2.3].
  • In the Mekong delta more than 1 million people will be directly affected by 2050 from risk through coastal erosion and land loss, primarily as a result of the decreased sediment delivery by the rivers, but also through the accentuated rates of sea-level rise [Box 6.3].

WWF work

What WWF is doing on the ground in Vietnam to protect against climate change:

WWF-Thailand has drafted a vulnerability assessment proposal for the Greater Mekong River basin and is currently working with local stakeholders and governments on integrating adaptation strategies in the region.
	© WWF / Elizabeth Kemf
Aerial view of the Mekong Delta, southern Vietnam.
© WWF / Elizabeth Kemf

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