Climate change impacts in Philippines

Climate change impacts in Philippines - what the IPCC 4th Assessment Report has found:
  • Increase in mean annual, maximum and minimum temperatures by 0.14°C between 1971-2000. Increase in annual mean rainfall since 1980s and in number of rainy days since 1990s [10.2.2].
  • Increased occurrence of landslides and floods in 1990 and 2004 [10.2.3].
  • On average 20 cyclones cross the Philippines Area of Responsibility (PAR) with about 8-9 making land fall each year; with an increase of 4.2 in the frequency of cyclones entering PAR during the period 1990-2003 [10.2.3].
  • Decrease of rice yield associated with increase of temperature (0.35 °C and 1.13°C for maximum and minimum respectively during 1979-2003) [].

WWF work

What WWF is doing on the ground in Philippines to protect against climate change:

Friends of the Reef is collaborative project lead by WWF-Indonesia Climate Change Program and partnering WWF offices across the Asia-Pacific region.

It focuses on building the resilience and resistance of coral reefs in the Asia-Pacific region so that reef biodiversity is maintained and the reef ecosystem continues to support livelihoods.

Friends of the Reef enacts local stakeholders and decision makers to develop, test and implement plans to increase coral reef resilience to major threats in the region, including climate change.

This project also aims to increase awareness and advocacy activities by highlighting stories and show-cases from previous, current, and future coral bleaching in major reef countries throughout the Asia-Pacific region then using this information to call for emission reduction in regional countries.

Friends of the Reef also provides collaborative management mechanisms, enabling the governments of major reef countries to enhance the management and network of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs).
Coral reef, Turtle Islands, Philippines. 
	© WWF / Jürgen FREUND
Coral reef, Turtle Islands, Philippines.
© WWF / Jürgen FREUND

Key contacts

  • Rafael Senga

    Manager Energy Policy Asia-Pacific


    +63 2 9207923

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