Climate change impacts in Kenya

Climate change impacts in Kenya - what the IPCC 4th Assessment Report has found:
  • Along with warming surface waters, deep water temperatures (which reflect long-term trends) of the large East African lakes (Victoria) have warmed by 0.2 to 0.7°C since the early 1900s [].
  • The 1997-1998 coral bleaching observed in the Indian Ocean and Red Sea was coupled to a strong ENSO (an indication of the potential impact of climate-change induced ocean warming on coral reefs). In the western Indian Ocean region, a 30% loss of corals reduced tourism in Mombasa (and Zanzibar) and resulted in financial losses of about US$ 12-18 million [].
  • Mangroves and coral reefs, the main coastal ecosystems in Africa, will likely be affected by climate change. Endangered species associated with these ecosystems, including manatees and marine turtles, could also be at risk, along with migratory birds [9.4.5].
  • Previously malaria-free highland areas could also experience modest changes to stable malaria by the 2050s, with conditions for transmission becoming highly suitable by the 2080s [9.4.3].
	© WWF / Martin Nicoll
Mangroves in Kiunga Marine National Reserve, Kenya. A WWF-funded survey in the area in 1998 showed that most areas had viable mangrove forests that could support controlled extraction.
© WWF / Martin Nicoll

Climate Witnesses

WWF runs the Climate Witness programme to collect people's local observations of climate change that are then verified by scientists.
Juma Njunge Macharia has lived in a village 100 km west of Nairobi for over 40 years. The 81-year-old is married and has nine children. He talks about the changes he has witnessed in the climate and in the vegetation of his area.
Nelly Damaris Chepkoskei is a farmer in Kenya. She grows maize, tea and keeps a few dairy cattle. In addition, she is a volunteer Community Mobilizer working with the Forest Action Network. She talks about impacts of climate change in her region.

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