HP supports WWF in addressing climate change

HP recognises that climate change represents perhaps the most significant conservation challenge of our era. As such, HP has joined forces with WWF to support  an innovative private sector-NGO partnership which represents a comprehensive approach to help reduce the causes and consequences of climate change both locally and globally.

Responding to climate change and reducing greenhouse gases calls for the use of technology in new and innovative approaches. HP is already demonstrating its  leadership in this field by working in collaboration with WWF to reduce its own emissions and the emissions of HPs products. However, addressing climate change also involves working on the ground to build resilience in communities and ecosystems around the world, so they are able to cope with the unavoidable effects of climate change.

WWF and HP are collaborating on programs, such as Climate Witness, in a number of countries where both organisations have a presence. Many of these countries, such as China, India, Brazil and the Unites States, also happen to be some of the most important regions in shaping the future use of energy and responding to climate change.

HP technology allows WWF staff and local communities in these countries to communicate more effectively with each other, and to document and share the impacts of climate change on the lives of community members and to connect local WWF staff and communities with the global on-line Climate Witness community.

HP’s commitment to WWF equates to more than US$2 million in cash and HP equipment — including notebooks (for field staff), servers, printers, scanners, wireless points, and HP consulting services to support IT infrastructure. This contribution assists projects like Climate Witness to address the causes and consequences of climate change on a global level, focusing on analysis, research and data collection.
HP is a conservation partner of WWF. / ©: WWF - HP
HP is a conservation partner of WWF.
© WWF - HP
 / ©: NASA, Visible Earth
Using HP technology, WWF is working with local communities in the mangrove forests of the Sundarbans in India to document the impact that climate change is having on the important mangroves.
© NASA, Visible Earth
Subhro Sen in conversation with Sudhangshu Sheet, a local self-government (Namkhana Panchayat ... / ©: WWF-India
Subhro Sen, Senior Programme Officer, WWF-India Sundarbans Programme in conversation with Sudhangshu Sheet, a local self-government (Namkhana Panchayat Samity) functionary at Baliara village on Mousuni Island, Sundarbans Delta, India.
© WWF-India

Using HP technology to document mangrove loss in Asia

HP technology is helping communities document the deterioration of dense mangrove forests that are absolutely critical to ecosystems in many parts of Asia.

Mangroves are an important barometer of the impact of climate change across the Asia Pacific region, which is home to a significant collection of mangrove forests. When mangroves flourish along tropical and subtropical coastlines they provide many benefits and uses for ecosystems and people, even creating land by capturing sediment in their roots.

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