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To save our climate we need to take action now. We may not have decades to bring global warming under control, but only be a few years. We need you to join the campaign and help switch off global warming.

You can take action right now in the following ways:

Share your Climate Witness story

What’s changed in your area? Are you a witness to how the changing climate is impacting your local area? Sharing your observations is valuable to our work. Or you can also send us a video or photo that shows the impacts of climate change in your area.

How you can help

From where you shop, to what you say, to how you decide to take action - the choice is yours.

Spread the word

Join our cause on Facebook and invite your family and friends in the struggle to save our climate, our planet and our health. We must enlist other people — many thousands of them — if we're to work together to limit the most dangerous impacts of climate change.

Let other people know about Climate Witness:

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Tips for online action

One of the most powerful things you can do is use your voice to demand change for the things you care about. When an elected official receives a hundred letters they take notice. When a company director gets a thousand e-mails direct to their inbox, it makes things happen. WWF Passport has a lot of great tips and resources to help you take action today. Read more

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Become part of the solution and support WWF in its global conservation work around the world.

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