Are you a Climate Witness in Action?

Many of us have started to notice shifts in our climate and some of us are also noticing how these changes impact on our local environments and communities. Some people are noticing other changes which they suspect might be linked to climate change.

WWF is interested to hear from you about the changes you are seeing as well as the actions that you and your community are involved in.

In some cases the observed changes are small shifts in the timing of nature or seasons, in other cases these changes are caused by the increased emission of greenhouse gases from human pollution and are causing real danger and heartache to communities and families.

Our Science Advisory Panel will be able to tell you if the changes you have witnessed can be linked to climate change.

What difference can my story make?

We want to hear from you because with your story we can we can show world leaders that climate change is happening and there is a strong and growing movement for change.

Your observations are valuable and important – your involvement, along with others around the world, will help the world take action to address this problem.

The WWF Climate Witness Programme will:
  • promote your story at international climate change meetings and other relevant global, regional and local events; and
  • provide your story to media agencies and other organisations (e.g., museums) as a way to highlight the impacts that climate change is having on people here and now.
By working together we can build a strong case for the need for urgent action from governments, industries, and individuals to act now to stop dangerous climate change.

To share your observations of climate change with WWF and other interested parties please complete our submission form.
Marco Bomio, school teacher and mountain guide in Switzerland, has witnessed a decline in local ... 
	© Marco Bomio
Marco Bomio, school teacher and mountain guide in Switzerland, has witnessed a decline in local glaciers over recent years. Read his story
© Marco Bomio
Olav's son marks a young reindeer. Olav hopes that one of his three sons will be able to continue ... 
	© Olav Mathis Eira
Olav Mathis Eira's son tags a young reindeer. Saami reindeer herders in northern Norway have noticed that warmer winters are impacting on their reindeer. » Read more
© Olav Mathis Eira

Interview your grandparents

Elderly people often have a vivid recollection of how their environment has changed, and not all have access to internet. We would like to hear their story.

Ask your grandparents, or elders in your community to share their Climate Witness story with us, using our interview form.

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