About WWF Climate Witness

Why Climate Witness?

Through Climate Witness, WWF connects with people around the world and provides them with an opportunity to share stories about how climate change impacts their lives here and now

This is a growing global community of people telling their climate change stories through words,videos and photos.

Climate Witnesses in Action

Beyond witnessing climate change impacts many Climate Witnesses demonstrate real action and set examples that we can all follow. Learn how you can take action.

By demonstrating that climate change is already affecting the lives of people everywhere and that there is a large and growing movement for change we can show our government and business leaders that the time for positive action is here and now.  

Tell us your story and what you are doing to take action.


Science based

All Climate Witness stories are reviewed by a member of our Science Advisory Panel. This helps us to ensure that all the stories we collect are consistent with the latest science on human induced climate change

Learn more about the Climate Witness Science Advisory Panel.

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