What's happening in the run up?

Decisive moments...

...that will happen in the lead up to the Copenhagen meeting.
  • Major Economies Forum, MEF, in Washington,
    17-18 Sept., Washington DC, USA
    First MEF meeting since the Summit in Italy in July, where Heads of State agreed to acknowledge a limit to global warming of 2 degrees Celsius. Ministers must now come up with clear ideas on how they will achieve this.
  • UN Climate Summit
    22 Sept., New York,USA
    More than 100 Heads of State will attend and they must prioritize a fair, ambitious, and binding climate treaty, to be sealed in Copenhagen.This meeting is preceded on the 21st by a "global day of action".
  • G20 Meeting
    24/25 Sept., Pittsburgh, USA
    Heads of State and Finance Ministers should propose possible sources of funding to support the Treaty's implementation in poor countries. They were charged by a previous meeting in Aquila, Italy to clarify potential sources for funding clean economic growth. WWF recommends $160 billion per year for climate action in developing countries. A preparatory meeting of finance ministers will take place next week (4/5 Sep) in London.

  • UNFCCC Intersessional,
    28 Sep to 9 Oct,Bangkok Thailand
    Negotiators need to make progress at this meeting. They need to cut down the current 170 pages of negotiations text by at least half - producing a clear draft text that has a realistic chance to be finalized and agreed to in Copenhagen.

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The global community will meet in Copenhagen, Denmark in December 2009 to agree on a new global climate deal aimed at protecting the future of our planet.

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