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WWF engages in strategic and innovative business partnerships with the world's largest international corporations and major national companies in order to help them reduce their ecological footprint and make a positive contribution to the environment.

Partnerships are based on a common vision of a better future, as WWF believes that partners can achieve more by working collaboratively. WWF's approach to working with business is solutions-oriented, cooperative in its methods and challenging in its objectives.

Our engagement with business is based on trust and transparency, between partners and with the public. WWF and our corporate partners recognize that we will not agree on all things all the time. Agreeing to disagree in the context of a transparent framework has been a key factor in building and sustaining long-lasting relationships with the private sector.

WWF's Jason Clay: Big brands can save biodiversity


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Global packaging and paper group adopts 2050 targets to limit global temperature rise to under 2°C.

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03 Nov 2017

It would be difficult to find a business today that doesn’t keep track of these projections and ...

06 Sep 2017

Mondi Group and WWF International announced today that they have renewed their global partnership ...

24 Jun 2017

More intensive shrimp farming can yield better environmental and economic results, according to a ...

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WWF representative discussing with employee of Lafarge at the gravel pit site of Bernières sur Seine, France
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