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One Europe More Nature - Project Brochure

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30 May 2006

WWF's One Europe More Nature project is working to restore and maintain key European landscapes and habitats by forging innovative partnerships with a wide ranger of stakeholders.

At a series of sites across Europe, WWF and its local partners are working to identify opportunities where the interests of business and nature overlap, and forging innovative partnerships to take advantage of these opportunities. The people involved in our projects include big businesses, extractive industries, local entrepreneurs, farmers, foresters and politicians. Together, we are working to develop win-win situations where economic and ecological concerns go hand in hand, where businesses make a profit and nature’s capital is maintained or enhanced.

This brochure sets out the project's aims and objectives, and provides details of the eight project sites - Doñana (Spain), Tisza floodplain (Hungary), Maramures (Romania), the Ardennes (Spain), Gelderse Poort (the Netherlands), Prespa (Greece), Sinca Noua (Romania) and Väinameri (Estonia).

These sites serve as showcases for the One Europe More Nature approach – living examples of a new way of living, and an inspiration for people across Europe to get involved and start shaping Europe’s changing landscapes for the benefit of people and nature.

The project is funded and inspired by WWF Netherlands.

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