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Significant advances in bold climate action commitments needed in Bonn as negotiators meet

Posted on 13 June 2019

GLAND, Switzerland (17 June 2019) – Climate negotiators gather in Bonn today for the annual mid-year session of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. It takes place against a backdrop of rising demands by citizens for stepped up climate action, increased evidence of the effect climate change is having on lives and livelihoods, and species and ecosystems on which we depend; and inertia by governments to move with the necessary speed and scale needed to tackle the climate crisis.
WWF Global Climate Policy Senior Advisor Mark Lutes said: ‘In the face of a climate crisis unlike the world has ever seen, people, especially the youth, are becoming impatient with government dragging their heels. If we fail to peak emissions by 2020 and close the projected 2030 gap to keep global warming to 1.5°C, we will risk putting the planet on a pathway to an irreversible and deepening climate crisis. To keep the promise of Paris alive we need to see significant advances at the meeting of climate negotiators in Bonn that lead to bold commitments.’
COP24 in Katowice signalled the expectation that by 2020, countries should come back with updated and improved country climate plans (Nationally Determined Contributions or NDCs) . The COP adopted a nearly complete package of rules to implement the Paris Agreement, leaving some things to be dealt with in Bonn, and at COP25 in Santiago, Chile, in December.
The IPCC’s Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5°C was at the center of COP24, said Lutes. ‘It put our common challenge in stark terms: we need rapid and deep cuts to global greenhouse gas emissions to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement.’
The focus from COP24 on increasing ambition must continue in 2019. Countries must arrive at the UN Secretary General’s Climate Action Summit on 23 September ready to announce revised NDCs or plans to deliver them by 2020. These must be matched by ambitious new finance commitments to address mitigation, adaptation, and loss and damage. COP 25 must respond to and build on the Climate Action Summit, he said.
WWF’s expectations for the SB50 meeting in Bonn are:
Update Nationally Determined Contributions by 2020 in line with 1.5°C
2019 is the year for governments to put national processes in place to ensure the updated NDCs are aligned with 1.5°C. Parties must pursue every opportunity this year to support this effort, including the mobilisation of finance and other means of support, and the urgent near term actions described below. Governments can also include in their NDCs international collaborations or joint initiatives, including by sub-national and non-State actors, that contribute to their national targets with potential spill-over effects in other global economic sectors or countries. Countries with the greatest capacity and responsibility, especially developed countries, need to demonstrate and strengthen their leadership in reducing their emissions and mobilising financial, technological and capacity-building support.
Urgent actions and mobilising multiple actors
Economy-wide NDCs and national level climate plans, targets and legislation are front in the battle against dangerous climate change. Furthermore countries getting on the front-line of innovative partnerships and collaboration will be key to scale existing solutions and move from incremental to exponential action.
Filling the gaps and strengthening institutions
Despite the progress on the rulebook at COP24, Parties were not able to agree on rules for Article 6 (carbon markets and non-market approaches) and on common time frames for NDCs. These two topics were deferred to be negotiated in Bonn in June at SB50, with the aim of concluding them by COP25. It is critical that substantial progress be made on these elements in Bonn as other elements that were not part of the Paris Agreement Work Programme are also in need of conclusion by COP25, such as  discussions on loss and damage finance and the operationalisation of the Global Goal on Adaptation.
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UN flags flying outside the World Conference Centre in Bonn, where mid-year sessions of the UN climate talks take place annually.
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