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WWF reaction to Adaptation Gap Report 2018

Posted on 06 December 2018

Commenting on the 2018 Adaptation Gap Report, Sandeep Chamling Rai, WWF’s Senior Global Climate Adaptation Policy Advisor, said:
"Recent climate events have focused attention on the devastating impacts of global warming on human livelihoods and health. Floods, drought and wildfires are also already destroying ecosystems worldwide. Yet this report shows that finance to build climate resilience is nowhere near the level needed to combat these threats, and the gap is widening further. 
"If we don't act now, everyone will suffer but the world's most vulnerable will be impacted most.
"Developed countries must urgently provide scaled-up public funding and invest in building climate resilience in vulnerable developing countries. These countries are on the forefront of the worst impacts of climate change but have contributed the least to this chaos. This will bring us closer to achieving the Global Adaptation Goal of the Paris Agreement ”.

- 2018 Adaptation Gap Report
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