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Wildlife Found in Central Annamite Rattan Forest Areas

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11 September 2018
WWF- Vietnam is piloting the tool of community-based biodiversity monitoring with FIAT (Forest Integrity Assessment Tool) and camera trapping in Nam Dong Protection Forest Unit which is known as High Conservation Value Forests. This area is also being prepared for FSC rattan certification.

More than 150 labor days of survey team including WWF-Vietnam staff, Nam Dong protection forest staff and rattan community groups did set 36 camera traps (26 systematic ones and 10 targeted ones) and recorded 30 FIAT forms from May – August 2018. The survey covered around 8,000 ha.

The first result of 7 camera traps showed that 445 pictures and 07 species of wild animal were taken including common palm civet, Ferret badger, Malayan porcupine, Annamite Striped rabbit, pig-tailed macaque, stump-tailed macaque and wild pig. The most interested thing is that the Annamite Striped Rabbit (Nesolagus timminsi) was taken in one location in Nam Dong protection forest unit. This species has recently been discovered in the Annamite mountains of central Laos and Vietnam and being considered as rare and potentially endangered by loss of habitat.

With conservation efforts from WWF, camera trap activities so  far have only been focusing in protected areas in Central Annamites, this interesting  finding will call for a more considerable intervention and sustainable management in the protection forest areas as they currently play an important role in  connecting protected areas but are less enforced and daily facing with higher pressures from local livelihood activities, illegal logging and poaching, legal and illegal encroachment activities to natural forest for other purpose (infrastructure, acacia plantation, industrial crops, etc.).

The initiative finding not only helps to improve conservation awareness of local and Nam Dong protection forest management board but also promises possibilities to scale up in many other protection forests that are bordering on special use forest (protected areas) in Central Annamites.

Co-written by Le Van Dong & Nguyen Quang Hoa Anh
WWF Vietnam.
Annex 1 : Wildlife found from camera traps in Nam Dong protection forest © WWF-Vietnam / Nam Dong Protection Forest Management Board
Macaca leonina, Nam Dong PF. Macaca arctoides, Nam Dong PF..
Muntiacus muntjac, Nam Dong PF. Hystrix brachyuran, Nam Dong PF.
Annamite Striped Rabbit, Nam Dong PF.
Annex 2 : Annamite Striped Rabbit found location
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