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Important Decision of the Albanian Ministry of Justice

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09 August 2018
On June 6 the Administrative Appeal Court in Tirana Albania has requested to stop the work on the construction of the Dragobia Energy hydro-power plant in Valbona Valley National Park. As result of that the Tropoja court bailiff after gathering proof that the company has not stop the work, decided to stop the work of the company with help from polices forces on August 2. But the Tropoja District Court takes the decision to allow the work on the construction of the HPP, that goes completely against a higher court decision.

On August 8, 2018 the deputy minister of justice of Albania announced that they have requested from High Justice Council to investigate the controversial decision of the judge from Tropoja court. “A decision that is clearly against the law” said deputy minister of Justice of Albania Toni Gogu, according to the Albaninan national television Top Channel.

WWF Adria is worried about the controversial decision of the Tropoja court, but also happy to hear that Albanian government institutions are taking steps to make sure to correct this decision, and allow the court to do their job in free and just environment.

In July 2017 WWF Adria started implementing the “Halting Hydropower Development in the Mediterranean Basin” project in Valbona National Park. The goal of the project is giving a support to the local community in their fight against three hydropower plants (HPP) that are currently being built inside this protected area. There is no clarity on how many additional HPP are planned to be built in the Valbona Valley. Based on publically available information, concessions have been granted for 11 additional plants.  

Part of the project is the support for local NGO TOKA and 27 locals’ inhabitants in their legal fight. They have filed a law suit in the administrative court against the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure in May 2017 (currently pending appeals) and against the National Territorial Council in November 2017, with more legal actions about to be launched.
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