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WWF-MYANMAR: Consultant for Development of Restoration Strategy for Tanintharyi Landscape Corridor #045/18

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03 August 2018
Supervised by:             Forest Project Officer
Work location:             Tanintharyi Region     
Duration:                     approximately 7 working days
  1. Background of consultancy assignment/ project
WWF Myanmar is implementing a project ‘Stewards of Natural Resources Strengthening Livelihoods For Communities’ with funding. This project will target 10 communities in the Banchaung and Tanintharyi watersheds where the majority of villagers have a low income level, As these communities rely largely on the surrounding forests and rivers for their livelihoods, this project is bringing security and the power of land management to the hands of the people who call it home. It will help communities restore the forest and protect their livelihoods through responsible agroforestry techniques and give communities the capacity to share their knowledge.

One of the target outputs of this project is an elaboration of a participatory landscape corridor vison plan for Tanintharyi Landscape Corridor. An important component of this plan is the restoration framework for the corridor specifically along the Banchaung (Pawklo) and Tanintharyi Watersheds. Restoration efforts are necessary to ensure that species relevant for local livelihoods such as cardamoms, elephant foot yam, medicinal plants and other wild fruits and vegetables that they harvest for their daily consumption, can flourish again and they continue to benefit from the ecological services provided by the forest ecosystems.

There will be several levels of consultation related to restoration action plan. First step is a community consultations and to prepare the community representatives to join regional consultations. Communities will be supported to participate in individual and/ or joint processes to collaboratively prepare a forest restoration plan. The restoration plan process shall involve the KNU and Forestry Department as their support is crucial in expanding and replicating restoration efforts in the Tanintharyi Landscape Corridor.
  1. Objective of the consultancy
To facilitate the participatory development of a restoration plan for Tanintharyi Banchaung watersheds as input to the Tanintharyi Landscape Corridor Vision Plan.
  1. Scope of work/ Major responsibility
  1. Conduct an assessment of the Banchaung and Tanintharyi watersheds to identify the extent of    restoration needed as well as areas to be restored.
  2. Using appropriate tools (e.g. ROOT) prioritize areas needing restoration
  3. Facilitate consultation with relevant project partners to ensure that restoration plan has been developed with stakeholders and they have full ownership of the restoration plan
  4. Consult with KNU and government officials for their inputs
  5. Collaborate with consultant hired by WWF for the development of Landscape Corridor vision plan to ensure synergy with the overall landscape plan
  6. Recommend effective and appropriate restoration strategy for the target areas; not costly, including local species to be used.
  1. Outputs/deliverable of performance and time schedule
Comprehensive restoration Strategy for Banchaung (Pawklo) and Tanintharyi Watersheds
  1. Required profile:
  1.       Practical expertise in developing and implementing forest landscape restoration strategy
  2.       Knowledge of tropical forest ecosystem and local species
  1. Knowledge and experience in using science based tools in developing restoration strategy and identifying/prioritizing restoration areas
  2. Knowledge and experience in various forest landscape restoration approaches
  3. GIS knowledge
  4. Advance skills in report writing , English report
  5. Facilitations and participatory process skills

The detailed job description can be Downloaded.

Closing date: 17 August 2018 (Friday)

Interested applicants may submit their proposal stating the expected consultancy fee together with CVs of consultants to vacancy.mm@wwf.org.mm or deliver to WWF Myanmar office at 15C Than Taman Street, Dagon Township, Yangon. For additional information or clarification you can email to amy.maling@wwf.org.mm
Only short-listed applicants will be contacted.
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