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WWF-MYANMAR: Consultant for Training on Protected Area/Local Conservation Area Management Plan Development #044/18

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01 August 2018
Supervised by:             DTL Landscape Manager
Work location:             Dawei and Yangon, Myanmar            
Duration:                     5 days (or one week including travel time) 
  1. Background of consultancy assignment/ project
Capacity Development on Management Plan Development
Most of the proposed and formally designated protected areas and other informally identified “local conservation areas” within the Dawna Tenasserim Landscape in Myanmar side do not have draft management plan. This largely due to lack of funding and capacity of relevant government and non – state actors to develop management plans.
This consultancy project aims to develop the capacity needed among government, NGO staff and non-state actors (e.g. KNU Forestry Department) on the management planning processes. The scope of this assignment is to provide an introduction to management plan development and identify the specific training needs of the target staff for capacity development and advise the KFD on the management plan development framework for selected sites.

Technical Review of the draft Rules and Regulation of the Newly approved Protected Area Law in Myanmar.
Myanmar recently approved a revised protected area law in the country with the intent to reform the protected area management. A major change in the law is the additional category on community protected area. The formulation of the implementing rules and regulation is now ongoing and the government initiated a process of getting civil society and local community consultations to get inputs and recommendations to the draft rules and regulations. Part of the scope of this study is to provide a technical review of the draft rules which can be provided during the consultation process.
  1. Objective of the consultancy
  1. Provide a 2-day overview training to KFD and WWF staff on developing a protected area and local conservation area management plan;
  2. Provide a technical review and recommendations to the draft Implementing Rules and
  3. Regulations (IRR) of the recently approved Protected Area Law
  4. Provide guidance/advice to local CSOs in engaging the government to ensure indigenous peoples and local communities needs are tenure issues are responded to by the draft IRR
  1. Scope of work/ Major responsibility
  1. Review the draft TOR and provide  written recommendations which WWF can submit to the review committee of the IRR; this could include suggestions by CSOs during the IRR consultation
  2. Develop a training outline agenda for WWF and KFD staff on PA Management Plan
  3. Conduct a 2-day introductory training to WWF and KFD staff to be conducted in KFD Office in Htee Hkee township, Tanintharyi Region
  4. Meetings with CSOs, before and after the one-day IRR consultation to discuss approaches on advocating their concerns/suggestions to the IRR
  5. Provide advice to WWF/KFD on steps/process for the PA Management Plan – perhaps a Management Plan Development Framework/Plan  (not sure how you call it – but a process to be followed
  1. Outputs/Deliverable fo performance and time schedule
  1. Written recommendations on the draft IRR
  2. Training Report with concrete action plan to be followed in developing the management plan of selected sites within Kawthoolei Forestry Department
  3. Brief activity report for WWF and KFD with reflections and recommendations on PA (local conservation) Management Strategy
  1. Required profile:
  1. Education background on natural resource management and biodiversity conservation
  2. Extensive experience in protected area management and in developing PA (or local conservation area) management plan
  3. Understanding of the protected area context and issues in southeast Asia, preferably of greater Mekong context
  4. Understanding of biodiversity issues in the SEA (or Mekong) region
The detailed job description can be Downloaded.

Closing date: 10 August 2018 (Friday)

Interested applicants may submit their proposal stating the expected consultancy fee together with CVs of consultants to vacancy.mm@wwf.org.mm or deliver to WWF Myanmar office at 15C Than Taman Street, Dagon Township, Yangon. For additional information or clarification you can email to amy.maling@wwf.org.mm
Only short-listed applicants will be contacted.
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