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WWF-MYANMAR: Consultant for Development of Environmental Education Strategy for the Tanintharyi Landscape Corridor #041/18

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01 August 2018
Supervised by: Community Engagement & Environmental Awareness Officer
Work location: Tanintharyi Region, Myanmar
Duration: to be defined

1. Background of consultancy assignment/ project
WWF Myanmar is implementing a project ‘Stewards of Natural Resources Strengthening Livelihoods For Communities’. This project will target 10 communities in the Banchaung and Tanintharyi watersheds where the majority of villagers have a low income level. As these communities rely largely on the surrounding forests and rivers for their livelihoods, this project is bringing security and the power of land management to the hands of the people who call it home. Community representatives will become a part of decision making processes, participating in multi-stakeholder planning and FPIC processes to make socially, ecologically and economically sound development decisions.

Part of the outputs of this project is the development and implementation of an environmental awareness program building on traditional ecological knowledge collected by communities in the 10 target sites to ensure the local ecological knowledge is enhanced. Communities were assisted in documenting the traditional systems. An expert on environmental education will build on this knowledge and enhance it with science-based insights to convey through an education program the true value (ecosystem services) of the forest landscape. S/he will cooperate with the Department of Education and the relevant KNU entity and also do an inventory of available environmental education approaches and materials. Experience from this can serve in further promoting it at regional or even national education system level. Actual conduct of series of environmental awareness will start at second year of the project.

2. Objective of the consultancy

To support the development of an environmental education strategy program for the Tanintharyi Landscape Corridor and train local educators.

3. Scope of work/ Major responsibility

(i) Inventory of available environmental approaches in the regions
(ii) Facilitate consultation with relevant partners (CSOs, teachers, KNU, WWF staff)
(iii) Develop environmental education curriculum integrating local traditional
(iv) Identify capacity needs of local educator and WWF staff and train local educators on the environmental education approaches
(v) Identify topics preferred by target audience and the objective of the environmental education program

4. Outputs/ deliverable of performance and time schedule

(i) Environmental Education Strategy
(ii) Environmental Education Curriculum/Module containing (but not limited) agreed topics by partners and target audience (integrating local knowledge), interactive and innovative training methodology, suggested visual materials,

5. Required profile:

(i) Advance facilitation skills and applied adult learning experience
(ii) Experience on innovative and creative concept development
(iii) Ability to write a good English report
(iv) Practicing community-based social marketing in conservation and development context

The detailed job description can be Downloaded.

Closing date: 15 August 2018 (Wednesday)

 Interested applicants may submit their proposal stating the expected consultancy fee together with CVs of consultants to vacancy.mm@wwf.org.mm or deliver to WWF Myanmar office at 15C Than Taman Street, Dagon Township, Yangon. For additional information or clarification you can email to amy.maling@wwf.org.mm

Only short-listed applicants will be contacted.
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