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WWF joined signing ceremony on Longtail Tuna Fishery Improvement Project

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07 June 2018
The Department of Fisheries has signed a joint declaration of Intent on Gulf of Thailand longtail tuna fishery improvement projects. The signing ceremony was attended by the Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center (SEAFDEC), World Wildlife Fund (WWF), and Thai Tuna Industry Association (TTIA). 

The Declaration is a benchmark step in strengthening collective and coordinated efforts by linking government agencies, private sectors, NGOs, regional organizations, and stakeholders in achieving the common goal which is the long-term sustainability of longtail tuna resources. The commitment signed by the four partners in Thailand can show to other countries that unified efforts could be initiated and applied in sub-regions, such as the Gulf of Thailand, to improve the current management practices on longtail tuna fishery.

In the keynote address, Director General of the Department of Fisheries Dr. Adisorn Promthep said that marine activities, which range from hunting sea creatures for consumption to seafood processing to meet the rising demand of the global population, have led to a decline in the extent of marine resources. He indicated that the United Nations have attached great importance to this pressing matter and promoted the sustainable management of marine resources, as evidenced by SDG 14 involving “Life Below Waters”. He stressed that the declaration of intent will strengthen the collaboration on the improvement of the longtail tuna industry. 

Secretary General of SEAFDEC Dr. Kom Silapajarn explained that longtail tuna can be found in abundance around the Gulf of Thailand and Malaysia. According to the assessment, the species is in growing demand by consumers and thus is in danger of overfishing. Accordingly, the fishing improvement program is now focusing on the management of longtail tuna to achieve marine sustainability.

WWF –Thailand Country Director – Yowalak Thiarachaow said “In 2016, WWF-Thailand began exploring the opportunity to develop a FIP for Longtail Tuna, and so now we are very pleased to see the kickoff of this FIP. Multi-stakeholder partnerships are critical to the success of FIPs. NGOs like WWF play a critical role as dependent 3rd party advisors providing guidance, technic support, and coordination as well as being a bridge between stakeholders including links to processors, buyers and retailers. All this will help bring quality and credibility to the FIP. WWF-Thailand is proud to be able to support and coordinate with DoF, SEAFDEC and TTIA in implementing this FIP. We thanks each of these partners for agreeing to commit to this Longtail Tuna FIP”
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