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The Bison Hillock Taskforce is recruiting_WWF Romania

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08 May 2018
WWF has several openings through its Youth Volunteer Internship Programme with the aim of creating a taskorce with WWF Romania. 

Location: WWF Romania
Assignment dates: June/July 2018 to October/November 2018
Language required: good level of English
Age Category: 19-27 years

Our Vision
Interested in wildlife conservation and contributing to an innovative and multidisciplinary team in one of Europe’s largest and most unique wilderness areas? We are bringing conservation science closer to the people in the Southern Carpathians by researching and prototyping new conservation technologies and are looking for a team of young professionals to help us scale-up our ability to protect bison, brown bear, and Eurasian lynx.
To accomplish this goal we aim to form a taskforce of young professionals to join the WWF Bison Hillock team. These young professional will be tasked with investigating potential technologies for wildlife monitoring, whilst also ensuring our use of current technologies and methodologies are done according to best practices. We envision that this work shall directly lead to prototypes of wildlife monitoring tools and robust processes that contribute to the long term sustainability of this pioneering WWF initiative.
The Tarcu Mountains, located in the southern Carpathians, contain large areas of relatively intact landscapes and are almost entirely covered by a network of protected areas and Natura 2000 sites, which collectively form a stronghold for Europe’s natural heritage. This region contains a diversty of landscapes and habitats, and serve asa last refuge for some of Europe’s flagship species. In addition to their intrinsic spiritual value and their important contribution to biodiversity conservation, such areas can offer significant economic, social, cultural and environmental benefits to local communities, landholders and society in general.

 The Taskforce includes:
  1. Content Producer & Field Content Officer  *with interest in ecotourism programme or community / green business development
  2. Conservation Technology Officer *with interest in blockchain, embedded systems, Python, GIS or Solidity, or start-ups
  3. Wilderness Interpretation Guiding **with interest in ecotourism programme or green business development
  4. Human Wildlife Conflict (HWC) Mitigation Research with GIS experience
  5. Diet analisys and Habitat Use
  6. Ethology in slow-release conditions
For these individual placements, terms of references, requirements consult the attached files.

How to apply?
Please complete the online Application Form. If you already submitted a spontaneous online application in the past, please inform of your interest in this assignment by email.
Deadline to apply: 10 June 2018

WWF is an equal opportunity employer and committed to having a diverse workforce. 

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