WWF's "Green Dialogue" in China promotes sustainable forestry | WWF
WWF's "Green Dialogue" in China promotes sustainable forestry

Posted on 13 December 2017

WWF-China holds event to promote sustainability.
BEIJING – WWF China is amping up efforts to promote the benefits of sustainable forestry and responsible consumer choices as part of its Green Me campaign, launched earlier this year. At an annual event in Beijing, called "Green Dialogue", WWF, partners and forest protectors from all walks of ife shared their stories about forests and how to build a sustainable future together. 

"If we want to achieve a more positive relationship between forests and people, we need everyone’s attention and participation. Moreover, we need to take action first if we want others to do the same," says Huang Wenbin, Director of Forests at WWF-China. "Sustainable forest development is one of the best ways to strike a win-win balance between forest conservation and human’s demand for development, and both consumers’ selections and enterprises’ responsible purchasing will greatly stimulate sustainable forest management."
Wang Xiaoping, Deputy Inspector of Beijing Landscaping Bureau, spoke at the meeting about urban forest planning in Beijing and shared the government's ideas and actions on forest sustainability. 
WWF International Director General Marco Lambertini awarded the "Forest Ambassador" award to actor Huang Bo, and WWF-China Chief Operating Officer Lu Lunyan awarded the "Forest Sustainable Trust Partner" certificate to various collaborators.

Rapid economic and social development is putting increased pressure on forests, yet simultaneously the call to halt deforestation and expand forests is also rising. The Green Me campaign aims to take action to achieve sustainable development and demonstrate a new path to forest conservation. The tagline of "Simple Choice, Great Changes" has not only promoted enterprises to look at their supply chains, but it has also encouraged the public to choose more sustainable forest products. More than 11 million people have participated in the Green Me campaign through online and offline channels to promote sustainable forest development.

So far, 13 companies, including Sun Paper, IKEA, UPM, Kimberly-Clark and Stora Enso have joined the China Sustainable Paper Alliance, which aims to promote the development of responsibly sourced paper products in China.

"When it comes to environmental protection, no one is an outsider," Wenbin says. "The China Sustainable Paper Alliance aims to involve more enterprises and individuals in the joint effort of sustainable forest development."
WWF International Director General Marco Lambertini with WWF-China's celebrity ambassador.
WWF International Director General Marco Lambertini with WWF-China's celebrity ambassador.
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WWF-China's Wenbin Huang speaking at the Green Dialogue event in Beijing on Dec. 13, 2017/
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