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Ukraine erects its first electric fences using solar energy

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17 June 2016
WWF-Ukraine and WWF-Poland installed the first electric fences in Ukraine that work using solar energy. The fences are in Uzhansky National Park and will protect cattle, horses, sheep and beehives from predators. Their minimum voltage is 12 V so they are not dangerous to animals or humans. This technology has long been used in many countries in the world.

The fences help humans and predators live peacefully in the same area. They help improve social perceptions of predators and are a good way to handle the large carnivores-human conflict. A similar fence will be installed in the "Skole Beskydy" National Park in the nearest future.

"Today people have lost the ability to live in harmony with their environment. And the environment is not just for us. It belongs to wolves, bears and lynxes just as it does to us. In all legends, predators are respected and our ancestors worshipped them. The bear, for example, is a symbol of Transcarpathia. We have lost this respect now and instead of a few thousand bears we have only 200 in Ukraine because of poaching, poisoning and the destruction of their habitats. We need to restore the connection between humans and nature. The system of electric fences is an example of how humans and animals can coexist peacefully without harming each other", said WWF-Ukraine Conservation Coordinator Bohdan Prots.

"The predators in the Polish Eastern Carpathian Mountains are not only „Polish” wolves and bears,” says WWF-Poland Conservation Director Piotr Nieznański. Their populations should be protected with Slovakia in Ukraine. This is why WWF-Poland initiated these first steps in our eastern neighbourhood".

Large carnivores have no borders and cross-border cooperation is absolutely necessary for their conservation. This is why the two WWF offices united their efforts to preserve the rare and key species.
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