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Business from/for Nature

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06 July 2009
This brochure introduces specific examples of business for, and from, nature.

These examples are all real, and are all working.

On the ground, throughout Europe, with real people, solving real problems.

The business sectors which are actively using, restoring, and conserving nature are quite diverse:
  • energy,
  • clay and gravel mining,
  • supermarket retailing,
  • fruit and vegetable production,
  • meat production,
  • tourism
The brochure describes each sector in turn – how it works, where it works, and who benefits.

It highlights opportunities for expansion. And it provides contacts for those readers interested in developing a business/nature mechanism in their community, their country, or their company.

About the Project
The success stories all come from WWF International’s One Europe More Nature project (OEMN).

This project set out to solve environmental problems through developing, testing, and implementing practical business/nature combinations which benefit business, nature, and local people.

Pulling together a group of stakeholders including business partners, local communities, and landowners, OEMN developed a conservation vision, and then worked out the business case for it. Market research, technical feasibilities, communications, and policy work followed where necessary.

Together, these elements set the basis for a new arrangement, a “mechanism”.

Funded and inspired by WWF Netherlands, OEMN ran from 2003 to 2009, in which time those business/nature “mechanisms”  became self-financing.

In all cases nature has become integrated into the companies’ business operations.

Here, nature is no longer something on the side: it is now a fundament of business; it is one pillar of a new business-as-usual.

Good for business, good for nature, and good for local people – WWF’s One Europe More Nature project.
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