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Snow leopard (Panthera uncia)

Half of plant and animal species at risk from climate change in world’s most important natural places

The Amazon, Miombo Woodlands in Southern Africa, and south-west Australia will be among the most affected places in the world, according to ...

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Earth Hour 2017 celebrations in Spain

WWF’s Earth Hour to spark global awareness and action for a healthy planet

Earth Hour 2018 switch-off will take place on Saturday 24 March at 8:30 p.m. local time

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Fight against illegal wildlife trade!

World's leading tech companies unite to stop online wildlife traffickers

Today the world’s leading e-commerce, technology and social media companies are joining forces with Google and WWF to render online platforms and ...

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World Wildlife Day 2018: The unexpected threats jeopardising the future of our beloved big cats

Today (3 March) we’re celebrating UN World Wildlife Day, which this year highlights the importance of protecting our big cats. Found across almost ...

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Bialowieza is one of Europe's last virgin forests

Logging of Białowieża Forest illegal, confirms the Advocate General of EU Court

The Advocate General of the Court of Justice of the European Union has today issued an opinion in which he confirms that it was unlawful to increase ...

20 Feb 2018 Read more »

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