WWFolio Bolivia Nr. 8 - quarterly news of WWF's work in Bolivia

Posted on 30 January 2007    
WWFolio Nr. 8's cover page
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In this issue you can read about:


  • The forests are of everyone´s interest and belong to us all


  • Towards a better fishing management: German Busch Fishermen’s Cooperative
  • Women and their participation through the Women’s Committee
  • Towards tri-national fishing management
  • Environmental Management System in the Municipality of Puerto Quijarro


  • Communications Strategy for the Iténez–Mamoré Corridor (CIM)
  • A glider converted in “Iténez’s Voice”
  • “A battery for a piece of candy” Campaign
  • Pando has a Decentralized Unit for the Administration of its Protected Areas
  • Conclusion of the Forest & Life Project: Integral Vision for the Development of the Amazon
  • Publications that systematize the Forest & Life experience


  • First International Sculptors Workshop in Santa Cruz de la Sierra
  • Promoting sustainable business between communities and companies
  • Promotion of the Bolivia Forest and Trade Network and its participting members
  • The Zapocó Technical Forestry Council: Dialogue to promote a favorable implementation of the General Forestry Management Plan
  • Our Partners: Amazonian Center for Sustainable Forest Enterprise (Cadefor)


  • WWF Bolivia and its new web site
  • Course on tropical Andean butterflies in Bolivia
  • Guardians of our cultural and natural patrimony: III National Park Guard Meeting
  • WWF Bolivia adheres to condolences for colleagues in Nepal
WWFolio Nr. 8's cover page
© WWF / Barbián Comunicación Enlarge

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