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Milestones in Water Conservation

Posted on
24 July 2006

Since 1961, WWF has been active with governments, local communities and many other stakeholders to save the health of some of the most threatened ecosystems and safeguard the livelihoods they sustain.

Many of our actions have been controversial, and the strength of our advocacy and documented proof of better conditions obtained for people and nature have been a beacon of hope in some of the most important freshwater regions in the world. Increasing results have generated support and credibility with partners, including in the agriculture sector that consumes 70% of abstracted water, and businesses, that consume a further 20%.

In stopping large dams on rivers, conserving wetlands, growing more crops from less water, and establishing and strengthening river basin organisations especially among countries sharing a single river, WWF is making a difference in a fight where every drop counts. This summary highlights twelve of the many successes achieved by WWF and our partners.

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