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Natura 2000 - Europe's safety net for nature - and people

Posted on
06 June 2006
WWF and its partner organizations strongly support the implementation of the Habitats and Birds Directives and the establishment of Natura 2000.

The twin directives represent a real attempt to conserve Europe’s biological diversity based on sound scientific evidence, and protecting a representative sample of all Europe’s most threatened habitats and species. The Habitats Directive does not rule out economic activities in Natura 2000 areas, but rather provides a process and framework for protecting Europe’s natural wealth and promoting long-term sustainable development.

Our work
For this purpose, we have been actively assisting national and EU authorities and other stakeholders to identify, to designate and then to actively protect and manage Natura 2000 sites and species. Our work includes raising awareness of Natura 2000, e.g. the “Flying over Natura 2000” project, in which storks
were monitored and shown in TV in their migration over Europe ( We also support the EU accession member states in their first stages of implementation of the EU nature directives.

Who we are 
WWF, the global conservation organization, works together with partner organizations throughout the EU for the implementation of Natura 2000 and the Habitats and Birds Directives. As a member of the European Habitats Forum, a coalition of NGOs working for the implementation of the Habitats and Birds
Directives, we provide input and advice to the European Commission, particularly relating to the implementation of the Habitats Directive and the establishment of the conservation network.

For further information:
Alberto Arroyo Schnell, Natura 2000 Coordinator
WWF International
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