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COFAV … To the twenty years to come !

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21 December 2017
The forest corridor Fandriana Vondrozo Midongy (COFAV), with an area of approximately 450,000 hectares, is the lungs and the water tower from the central eastern to the southeastern Madagascar. About thirty watercourses arise there before emptying into the ocean or in the Mozambique Chanel.
From its conservation depend thousands of people. That is why WWF has established an office in the heart of this rainforest in 1998.
Today, we celebrate 20 years of successful conservation. We are proud of having created and developed 74 community-based organizations that are managing their own forest in Vondrozo and Ivohibe district in a sustainable manner. Twenty years of reforestation and sustainable management of forest resources that are reflected by great successes.
Formerly drying out water sources that reappeared and new natural springs appearing are not  miracles. These successes are due to a reforestation effort by many community members working for the wellbeing of future generations. More than 1,200,000 trees has been planted to restore 874 ha of degraded forests.
Structured into two local federations, communities are now agreeing to ensure better forest management. Together, they have developed many initiatives that already have noticeable impacts on the economic and social life of their villages.
With a fund rewarding their conservation effort, communities from southern reaches of the corridor had built a hospital. Ten years ago, the northern communities had also started essential oil production that now generates benefits.
For Nanie Ratsifandrihamanana, Country Director of WWF Madagascar, « the local communities of COFAV stand out by their social cohesion and their entrepreneurial spirit».
« Entire swathes of degraded forests have been restored after years of voluntary actions and community commitments. Springs that dried out have reappeared. The communities of COFAV and WWF are a one and same family. If the conservation effort that has been made by these villagers is replicated across Madagascar, the forest’s return will not just be a future hope but rather a national reality », emphasized Nanie, touched by the effort she has noticed that was made by the corridor communities.

To the twenty years to come!
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