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Nacula district schools celebrate climate week

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29 September 2017
In partnership with the Ministry of Education and their commitment to the Fiji National Climate Week, students of Somolevu Catholic Primary, Ratu Meli Memorial Primary School and Yasawa North Secondary School held activities to raise awareness on the impacts of climate change.

The awareness sessions were facilitated by WWF-Pacific and included working with the respective schools in climate change awareness sessions and carbon foot print activities such tree planting within the school boundaries.

For the school, the activities further strengthened the students’ knowledge on climate change.

“This week, we had our 108 students partake in making posters during awareness sessions in the various classes, so I can say that our students know what climate change is and its impacts but these sessions today further adds to their understanding and as a teacher that is most welcomed,” said Somolevu Catholic Primary School principal, Ricky Lesi.

“Throughout the week, we have been carrying out awareness through the general cleaning of the school compound and proper waste management activities so the students not only learn how to limit their carbon footprint in the classrooms but practise it.”

“The hope now is that they practice this in their communities and beyond this climate week celebration,” stressed Yasawa North Secondary School principal, Kelemedi Navukitu.

WWF-Pacific climate change support officer, Apolosa Robaigau highlighted the awareness initiative was convenient for the district of Nacula as communities here were not immune to the impacts of climate change.

“This is a good opportunity to re-enforce the awareness on the impacts of climate change among the students. These are the young minds that can make the big difference in their families and communities and are our future leaders,” said Robaigau.

For the schools, this is the first time such interactive awareness has been conducted in their schools.

“We are fortunate to be visited and for the students to be given the opportunity to take part, so we are very grateful as the primary lower classes get to broaden their knowledge. We just hope that there can be more awareness done here in the future,” highlighted Sioli Kotobalavu, the head teacher of Ratu Meli Memorial Primary School.

“These students not only learn about climate change and its impacts but also  experience it here in their communities and they can relate to the impacts,” revealed Somolevu Catholic Primary School teacher, Kasiano Raibe.

Robaigau added that bringing the awareness of the Conference of Parties or CoP23 to remote schools allows such schools to further their knowledge on the discussions that will take place in Bonn, Germany.

“These schools do not have access to information as compared to those in the urban areas, so the awareness sessions are also ideal for them to learn more about the climate change conference and how decisions in Bonn will affect not only communities here but vulnerable states,” added Robaigau.

The initiative was part of WWF-Pacific’s contribution to  Fiji’s National Climate Week Carbon Fasting objective of uniting, educating and mobilizing Fijians to reduce Fiji’s national carbon footprint through one week of carbon fasting. 
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