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Nacula village holds combined climate change religious service

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26 September 2017
​As part of the Fiji National Multi-Faith Day of Prayer for climate action, three religious denominations in Nacula village, Yasawas held a combined church service today.
The combined service that was held at the Mureivalu Methodist church in the village also saw members of the Catholic and Assembly of Gods denomination attend the evening service.
The combined service is in line with government’s Multi-Faith Day of Prayer, a partnership with various religious churches and faith based groups in Fiji to hold special services throughout the weekend to unite Fijians through faith and prayer to give thanks, seek divine guidance and moral support to save this planet earth.
The initiative is part of the Fiji National Climate Week initiative and the World Wide Fund for Nature - Pacific’s (WWF-Pacific) participation.
WWF-Pacific’s climate change support officer, Apolosa Robaigau said, similar combined services were also held in the other six villages of Nacula district today.
“This evening’s service was to reinforce our moral obligations as custodians and stewards of this planet to live in a harmonious relationship with nature, to act as responsible care-takers of the earth, and to preserve its health and resources for future generations,” said Robaigau.
“This is the best way for us,for what is happening to our islands through climate change, its good to address it together with other denominations. This is where we can reflect spiritually and provide possible solutions to our members. It’s a good way of being together and trying to solve something,” said Nacula village Methodist Church of Fiji and Rotuma Lay preacher, Manasa Baivatu.
The congregation was also encouraged to not only be vocal on the issue of climate change but also doers as well for a cleaner and more resilient Fiji.
“God says that we are to rule over the earth and look after I, I think the main problem here is the lack of enlightenment,we need to be taught more on how to look after things around us and manage them carefully. I recommend and appreciate the idea of worshipping together to tackle this problem. The church has the solution and that comes from God himself,” said Reverend Sakaraia Navunisinu of the Nacula Assemblies of God.
“The combined service is a good idea as we need to protect God’s creation. As stewards we need to protect it. Hold discussions. We should not tarnish everything and protect or conserve it instead,” added Nacula village Catholic catechism, Rafaele Bruce.
The congregation was also encouraged to make commitments of making pro-active actions to consume resources responsibly and help reduce carbon emissions.
“We believe that individual commitment in our daily lives is essential and it is an urgent moral and spiritual imperative to act decisively now,” added Robaigau.
For the Methodist Church of Fiji and Rotuma’s Yasawas division and its twelve churches, Tuesdays has been allocated for its members to hold prayers on climate change.
The combined evening service also encouraged the congregation as Fijians to press their leaders for action on the local and national levels to curb carbon emissions, take action to adapt to climate change and adopt policies that will educate and encourage individuals to do their part.
As part of its climate change week contribution, WWF-Pacific will be holding climate change resilient activities throughout the week in the district of Nacula.
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