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EWS-WWF Annual Report 2016

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20 August 2017
15 years of inspiring people to connect with nature.
Anniversaries are perfect opportunities to reflect on all that has been achieved before.
They are also a time to consider next moves. From moving to our new Dubai offices in Sustainable City to upgrading our company vehicle to an energy efficient hybrid, we have worked to lead by example and take actions to become more sustainable over the past year..
As an avid supporter, we trust you will enjoy reading about our progress from the last year in this 2016 Annual Report. You will learn how our combined achievements are strengthening EWS-WWF’s position as a leading regional conservation organization.
Our only wish is that inspires you to support us even more; to share our stories a little wider, so that together, we can achieve our mission to conserve our wondrous natural world. After all, we believe that together, anything is possible!
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